*Old Tyme Favorites*

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Our Applebutter

apple buter

If you like sweet juicy apples, you will surely enjoy our Tennessee Apple Butter. it's the closest thing without the crunch. Like our relish, people write and tell us how they are so glad these products are on the market. A healthier alternative to jelly, with only natural sugar. My favorite use is with boiled cabbage, potatoes and sausage, complimented with a slice of bread covered in our applebutter. There is just something about the flavors going together.


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Tennessee Old Fashioned -Dutch Style Mustard

Tennessee Mustard

Our zesty coarse brown mustard with horseradish is great for a ham glaze along with honey and cherries or by itself for dipping pretzels.


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Tennessee Pickled Beets


pickled beets

Our Tennessee pickled Red Beets will make your tasebuds sit up. Served cold on a relish tray or eat them right from the jar. Old farm recipes, as good as you remember are our registered trademark. All our products are cooked with pride in small batches and dipped by hand to insure consistant quality!


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Bread & Butter Pickles

Bread and butter Pickles

A taste from days gone by, hard to find in todays world. if you remember family reunions and gradmas' homemade pickles you've got a good idea of what our bread and butters taste like. Guaranteed to be a real hit with friends and family.


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Our Gift 4 Pack

Choose up to 4 of your favorites to include in this gift pack to give to your friends, family, or even get it for yourself.


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